Money is the wrong motivation

When you think about your startup, you should think about your vision and motivation. Your vision is your long-term goal and motivation is the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Today I want to say a few sentences about motivation.

Sure, all entrepreneurs want to be successful and earn money with their startup, but money should not be your motivation. Our world is not waiting for dreamers who want to buy expensive things for themselves. We are all just looking for products and services which can improve our life, make it easier and smarter. If you create a product or service which really improves people’s lives then you can really change something and money is just the result of creating these kind of products. The answer to the question of your motivation can be very private or it is just your wish for improving something, but it’s important that your reason is making you stronger and better.

What drives us at Timecake is that today our world is so closely linked and we all are enjoying the benefits of that. This connection increases our opportunities; however, it is stressful and straining to manage these opportunities. This is challenging to all of us. We believe that we can help people outline how they spend their time in a way that would allow them to better identify their personal priorities and live a well-balanced life. We want to use Timecake to help people deal with their daily challenges.

See you next time!


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