FuckupStory 1: Honestly… Your App-icon doesn’t matter!

First: What are FuckupStories? FuckupStories are stories about mistakes someone made during building their own company. Some of these mistakes cause a financial damage – some don’t, but what they all have in common is that they are wasting time. And time is everything in the startup environment.

The first Fuckup happened two months after starting with Timecake. After founding Timecake Jonas (CTO) started immediately with working on our MVP while I was planning the next steps. I thought that we need an app-icon very fast to use it as our logo and integrate it everywhere we appear on the internet. So, I wasted a lot of time while thinking about our icon and finally I decided to ask some professional designer to create it. And here it is:

I have no words for it… and to answer the upcoming question immediately – Yes, we really paid for it and yes, we paid in money. And no, we are not going to use it. I think everyone made this experience once: Sometimes, failures are merely embarrassing.

But what is the lesson I have learned? Especially at the beginning you will note that your product will change anyway, so in the first months focus on your product until you know exactly the character of your product. Of course, your app-icon matters and be sure that your corporate identity is one of the most important things even for a young company, but the right time for your corporate identity comes only when you really know the final version of your product.

See you next time!

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