Update: Timecake is making progress

At Timecake we believe that we all need a time management system which REALLY helps us to manage our daily opportunities. Only after solving this issue we can think about optimizing our opportunities to figure out what we really want. We are working hard on Timecake to realize our vision. For example, last week we decided to open Timecake for other calendar systems with an API to ensure the best possible experience for our users. Timecake shall be the first thought that comes to your mind when you’re thinking about time management, planning and calendars.

We are optimistic that we can launch Timecake in October as planned. In the last days, I downloaded the first version of Timecake from the Apple Store. What a feeling!

I keep you in the loop, see you!

Money is the wrong motivation

When you think about your startup, you should think about your vision and motivation. Your vision is your long-term goal and motivation is the reason why you are doing what you are doing. Today I want to say a few sentences about motivation.

Sure, all entrepreneurs want to be successful and earn money with their startup, but money should not be your motivation. Our world is not waiting for dreamers who want to buy expensive things for themselves. We are all just looking for products and services which can improve our life, make it easier and smarter. If you create a product or service which really improves people’s lives then you can really change something and money is just the result of creating these kind of products. The answer to the question of your motivation can be very private or it is just your wish for improving something, but it’s important that your reason is making you stronger and better.

What drives us at Timecake is that today our world is so closely linked and we all are enjoying the benefits of that. This connection increases our opportunities; however, it is stressful and straining to manage these opportunities. This is challenging to all of us. We believe that we can help people outline how they spend their time in a way that would allow them to better identify their personal priorities and live a well-balanced life. We want to use Timecake to help people deal with their daily challenges.

See you next time!


Try it alone and you will fail.

There is nothing more essential than your team! When you think about founding a startup be sure to surround yourself with good team members. Over and over again I meet people with good ideas but instead of building a good team and realizing the product, they wanted to do it alone to keep all company shares for themselves. But this is not the way a startup works. Mostly they underestimate the amount of work and finally give up or never give it a try. And there are several simple reasons why you should build a good team.

First of all, you have to find co-founder. Everyone who is convinced of working on your vision, will support and push the idea no matter the odds. Together you give all you have, regardless of the working hours or big amounts of money. Only 1 of 10 startups will survive and be sure that even good ideas can fail. Anyway, it is no disgrace to miss success, but when you fail, fail as fast as you can and at a favorable prize.

Another reason is that no investor is interested in investing money in single founder startups unless you are one of the most experienced entrepreneurs on earth. They do not invest money just in ideas, they invest in good teams. An Investors wants to work with teams whose diversity of skills make them better and not just one guy who wants to be a superhero.

There are many other examples and reasons, but to cut a long story short: Build a team and work TOGETHER to increase your chances of success.

See you next time!


FuckupStory 1: Honestly… Your App-icon doesn’t matter!

First: What are FuckupStories? FuckupStories are stories about mistakes someone made during building their own company. Some of these mistakes cause a financial damage – some don’t, but what they all have in common is that they are wasting time. And time is everything in the startup environment.

The first Fuckup happened two months after starting with Timecake. After founding Timecake Jonas (CTO) started immediately with working on our MVP while I was planning the next steps. I thought that we need an app-icon very fast to use it as our logo and integrate it everywhere we appear on the internet. So, I wasted a lot of time while thinking about our icon and finally I decided to ask some professional designer to create it. And here it is:

I have no words for it… and to answer the upcoming question immediately – Yes, we really paid for it and yes, we paid in money. And no, we are not going to use it. I think everyone made this experience once: Sometimes, failures are merely embarrassing.

But what is the lesson I have learned? Especially at the beginning you will note that your product will change anyway, so in the first months focus on your product until you know exactly the character of your product. Of course, your app-icon matters and be sure that your corporate identity is one of the most important things even for a young company, but the right time for your corporate identity comes only when you really know the final version of your product.

See you next time!

Hello World!

Welcome to Timecake!

With these updates we want to inform you about the Timecake progress and share our startup experience with you.

We are working hard to create the most connected and helpful calendar device you have ever seen before. Timecake!